Chicken Friends

Yiddis Joo Roo
Goodis, our resident rooster.

With Spumoni, the chickens came first, then the eggs. In 2014, we adopted eight baby chicks who delighted and inspired us to grow our little flock. Several breeds make their home with us, including Buff Orpingtons, California White Leghorns, and Plymouth Barred Rocks. We pride ourselves on giving each of our birds what we call “a good chicken life.” Our care is always geared towards meeting the natural needs and species preference of our birds. They have two acres of open land to call their own. First thing in the morning, we open up their coop and they are free to do as they please until they put themselves to roost just before sunset. A typical blissful chicken day at Spumoni includes, but is not limited to, nabbing bugs, dustbathing, sunning, spending time with flock mates, running up and down the hill above the coop, and following us around for tasty treats. Their forage is supplemented with an organic and non-genetically modified feed and fresh fruits and vegetables.GLADDIS AND PEEPS

Gladys Flight with a few of her Peeps

All of our current hens were born at Spumoni, or came to us from a local farm. They were a delight to raise and we are grateful to have them. In January, Spumoni will be adopting rescue hens that have a bit of a different history. These girls have spent their whole lives in an industrial egg OLIVE EGGER CHICKoperation, in cages the size of an average car battery. With trimmed beaks and no way to carry out natural behaviors, these birds have had it pretty rough. We are honored to be able to have them with us to live out the rest of their time in the pursuit of “a good chicken life.”