“I think that, if required on pain of death to name instantly the most perfect thing in the universe, I should risk my fate on a bird’s egg.”

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You can find our eggs at the Cayucos Supermarket

We also share about 30% of our eggs – at no cost – with several different organizations. Please scroll down to the Community section of this page for more information.
When you buy Spumoni eggs, you:

  • Support local business and slow food
  • Support humanely stewarded laying hens
  • Support local organizations aiding the food insecure (see below)


What goes into a Spumoni egg: There’s nothing quite like a fresh egg from a hen that is living well. The shells are sturdy and break clean, the yolks are a rich marigold, the whites are fluffy and clear. They’re wonderful!

Because a high quality diet is essential for delicious eggs, but more importantly, for healthy hens, good nutrition is a foundational aspect of our stewardship. We are always striving to feed our birds the best of what we can source. In addition to forage, all our birds are given daily rations of organic grain feeds, along with veggies, greens, and other appropriate kitchen scraps. Typical feedstuffs include, but are not limited to: high-quality animal proteins, lentils, sweet potatoes, cucumber, carrots, celery, and fresh herbs.

And in addition to supplements, we apply practices like fermenting and sprouting grain feed to maximize its nutritional value and digestibility.


Our supplies fluctuate: Eggs are a seasonal food. We do not apply harsh industrial agricultural practices to encourage egg laying out of season. Deprivation of feed and sleep, designed to increase egg production, is a very common reality for the hens in mega egg corporations. This leaves many consumers with the impression that a chicken can and will just lay one egg after another, day after day. The reality is quite different, and like any other living being, chickens benefit from time to rest and restore. Our hens work hard to produce all the beautiful eggs we gather from them each day, and we view that as a true gift. We feel the least we can do for them is allow them to live as natural a life as we can provide. A good chicken life.


Community: In today’s world, many do not have enough to make ends meet, and thategg basket oftentimes means going without nutritious foods. In our own county alone, it is estimated that 46,000 residents don’t get enough to eat. We want Spumoni eggs to be a small step in the direction of high-quality food for all, so we support local organizations aiding the food insecure in San Luis Obispo County.

Organizations with which we currently share our eggs:

Cayucos Community Church Harvest Bag 

Cayucos Seniors Club Community Pantry (back of thrift shop)

People Helping People Food Distribution – Los Osos Community Center

Rock Harbor Open Arms Pantry