Hen Friends

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GellyOur daily goal is to provide what we like to call “a good chicken life” to our birds. We want all of our practices to reflect the care and gratitude we have for them and all they give us. Overall, this means an environment where they are free from harm and able to indulge their species-specific needs and tendencies.

Fresh air and sunshine is good for just about everyone, and chickens are no different. Our flock has access to both protected coop and run areas, while also being free to roam an enclosed field area during the day. This allows for exercise, dust bathing, sunning, and other behaviors chickens enjoy (like bug snatching!). When the day is done, we do a quick headcount and close everyone up safe in their coops for the night.

clone tag: -2691969768412336225If you’d like to learn more about the breeds we have here at Spumoni, you may click on the links below (mostly Wikipedia).


Cuckoo Marans

Easter Egger


Red and Black Sexlinks

Rhode Island Red

Sapphire Gem