The road to our chicken coops is a beautiful walk.


📣 Difficult announcement here, folks: Due to some big and unforeseen life events, Spumoni will be closing down soon.
There’s really not adequate words to describe the sadness of this decision, so we’re going to focus on the blessings instead.
We couldn’t be more grateful for you, our customers and supporters. From the moment we hit the market you’ve been wonderfully supportive of our product and our mission. Thank you so much, deeply, and from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t have done this without you.
And of course there wouldn’t be a thing to talk about here without our awesome little hard-working hens and their bounty of tasty eggs. It’s been a privilege to be their caretakers, and our appreciation for them is boundless.
Our girls are fortunate enough to be going back to their first home with Sustainable chickens in Paso Robles. A huge thank you to Annie and DJ for graciously stepping in to make sure our birds will stay together and get great care. It’s definitely one of the blessings of this situation, and gives us tremendous peace of mind.
If our eggs have given you the chicken keeping bug, please consider getting birds from Sustainable Chickens. Their pullets are healthy and beautiful and you’d be supporting great people and a local business. You can visit their site at: https://sustainablechickens.com/
DJ and Annie are also the proud new owners of Bee Wench Farm You can find out more about Bee Wench and their products at: https://beewenchfarm.com/
Spumoni eggs will continue to be delivered to Cayucos Supermarket and Spencer’s Market until the birds head back to Paso, but that probably won’t be too far off from now.
Our run with Spumoni was so much shorter than we hoped and anticipated, but you fine people made our small business dream come true, and that is something we will forever cherish.

With gratitude, 🙏
Stacey Warde & daniella magnano