“Brighten your bright virtue; the goal is to follow the path.”  – I Ching


The idea that we’re designed to keep turning towards the light is one that resonates with me. Lately though, I find that I haven’t been looking up too much. Even though this is the season of long warm days, ripe fruit, and bountiful harvests, I’ve been feeling somewhat hollowed out and brittle. I’ve had more of a straight-ahead, one-foot-in-front-of-the-other focus on things, more tuned in to the essentials it takes to survive, than to see all the big and small ways the universe invites me to thrive. barn morning

I was feeling that way again this morning as I trudged out to the barn to mix chicken feed. While I was hunched over a bucket, a pair of mourning doves landed in the doorway, looking for a little snack from my stores. They’ve been on to me for awhile, so I tossed them a handful of seeds and stepped back, getting intentionally quiet, so they would feel comfortable enough to stay and feed.

And I then I looked up. I took in the cathedral height and bow of the old wood slats that frame the big sliding doors of the old Dutch-style barn. I saw the morning light streaming through the gaps and knotholes, everything filled with a warm glow. I waited and watched in the quiet, and as the doves feasted, I remained still and understood that *this* is thriving. This little moment didn’t need my joys or my sorrows, just my presence.


Meanwhile, among the bustling hens with chicks, rushed teenage birds trying to sneak bites of feed while dodging the disciplinary pecks of elders, and the perpetually grumped-out broodies – we’re not always quite sure which end is up out at the coops!

compost baby - day10
Stay tuned for – The miracle of compost: how we unknowingly grew a chicken in our rotting green waste.

We had seven separate groups of chicks hatch out with us this season, the clutches ranging in size from two to six. Our broody hens have—overall—been really wonderful mommas and we’re so grateful for all of them.

This summer has been so chick-filled that we even had a chick hatch out of our compost bin. It’s a very immaculate conception meets Jurassic Park scenario. (Full story on that coming soon.)

In the meantime, I hope this day finds you connecting with what lights you up….

Life is good.

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