Eggciting News!

STW -first delivery to sunshine health foods - july2019
In the bag: Stacey headed out to Sunshine Health Foods this morning with our first order for them filled.

We’re bursting to share with you that Spumoni eggs are for sale in two local markets now!

You can find us at the Cayucos Supermarket in Cayucos, and Sunshine Health Foods in Morro Bay.

Both of these stores are vital to their small communities, and do a wonderful job of collaborating with small businesses and producers. We are so glad to be counted among them, and looking forward to supplying their customers with the best eggs we can produce.

Just as vital to our mission are the eggs we share with our community at no cost. Roughly a third of our eggs are shared in this way, and we are so grateful to be able to connect and contribute through this work.

Almost every week we go to one of the four area food banks/community pantry shares with cartons of our eggs. Please visit our egg page to find out more details, and to see the list of organizations with which we collaborate.


spumoni carton tag stamp

Stewarding our hens with humaneness, while also getting to share with our community the bounty of wonderful eggs they supply, is what gives me purpose. My gratitude for that is boundless.

Life is good.

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