Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here at Spumoni, we’re rounding out our first year in business and couldn’t be more grateful for our customers. From market to community pantry, you’ve been wonderfully supportive, and left us with the happy “problem” of not being able to keep our eggs on shelves for very long. Thank you. Of course,… Continue reading Giving Thanks


“Brighten your bright virtue; the goal is to follow the path.”  – I Ching ~~~~~ The idea that we’re designed to keep turning towards the light is one that resonates with me. Lately though, I find that I haven’t been looking up too much. Even though this is the season of long warm days, ripe fruit,… Continue reading Bright


It’s Sunday Funday, as Stacey and I call it, and we’re dunking cookies in coffee and hanging out. This is the one day a week we make a concerted effort to really slow down, disconnect from our work and its challenges, and connect. So why, oh why, am I writing for the blog this morning?… Continue reading Gelly