Father’s Day

dad and chicken
When I visited in April, my dad even gifted me a chicken!

In 2016 my dad and I were sitting in a crowded banquet room for a friend’s surprise birthday party when the birds came up in conversation. In a brief exchange he told me, “I think you have found your calling with chickens.”

It was a very simple statement in an ordinary conversation, but I felt my throat tighten as a wave of emotion passed through me. Looking back, I think my deeper self recognized something that I wasn’t yet able to see. I had been viewing the chickens as a backyard enjoyment, like having a garden. I hadn’t considered anything bigger or more purpose driven  about my fondness for them. I hadn’t allowed myself to consider any larger potentials and possibilities.

Now I view stewarding the birds, and watching them thrive, as a real privilege. The gift of eggs they provide us is such a wonderful bounty to share with others. These two things feed my passion and help me to feel like I have a real reason to be here.

Perhaps it was just a passing comment for my dad, but for me his words about calling will always be precious to me, because he saw me when I couldn’t quite see myself, and that made all the difference.

Life is good.


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