Friends In Low Places

barn doors
Hay Barn doors from the inside. This barn is gorgeous! It has that golden-lit, hallowed feeling to it on sunny afternoons. Good place to meditate..or procrastinate.

Yesterday afternoon I felt tired, but wired. Restlessness can be so challenging for me. So when I got to the old hay barn to prep chicken feed, the sensible solution seemed to present itself: procrastinate.

And barring the tinge of guilt I had every time I flashed on hungry chickens waiting for me, it felt pretty good. At one point, I just plopped myself smack-dab in the middle of the little (lightly trafficked) dirt road in front of the barn, with the warm sun on my back, and started playing with the camera.

Changing up my routine with something novel, while connecting with my surroundings and seeing things a bit differently, helped me settle down a bit.

Here’s a few photos of the friends that visited while I shirked my responsibilities.


dove 51719
When doves come by. This little buddy has been on to me for a while now, after seeing me slip sunflower seeds to a bunch of turkeys most mornings. He’s lookin to get in on that.


meditation godzilla 51719
Western Fence Lizard sunning – looks so nice! I want to put a miniature umbrella drink by his side.


rat2 51719
Rat! Given how smart and crafty rats are (remind you of any other species?), I am always surprised at how guileless their mini doe-eyed stares can be.
rat1 51719
10,000 taste buds and little front paws that look a lot like our hands. Two things I know about rats.


turkey and squirrell 51719
This shot makes me think I should write a children’s book, or a dirty joke (or both?), about these two.
turkey pose 51719
Strike that pose, Girl. Fierce!
turkey tom 51719
The showboating Toms of spring are just such good stuff. They make me smile every time. This guy looks like he’s waging a Who-Wore-It-Better with the flowers over personal use of color.


sneaky squirrel 51719
Last but not least – Sneaky Squirrel. Keepin an eye on me. Real subtle, bro.

I made it to the chickens eventually. I think I will try to “procrastinate” more often. Life is good.


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