Oh, Happy Day!

rainbow 3.8.19
Ranch rainbow, as seen between showers. Slight visibility of double rainbow can be seen in upper right hand corner. Pot of gold not pictured. – 3.8.19

Well, hello! No amount of rain and mud this week can tamp our enthusiasm – Spumoni has finally hatched!

What started as a very exciting hobby several years ago has now developed into our little egg farm, ready to feed you.We look forward to providing you with high quality eggs, produced locally, and in a way you can feel good about. Our hens are stewarded with the utmost of care and their eggs are delicious. Please visit our page on eggs to learn more about what we have to offer.

And we aren’t stopping at eggs. Spumoni aims to be your favorite for handcrafted farmstead products, garden gifts, and more, so please visit us again to see how we grow.

And this first post wouldn’t be complete without expressing our gratitude to all of you who have been aiding and abetting us along the way. Thank you for believing in us and in the value of the little mission of Spumoni. Much appreciated!


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