Risking Her Neck

Foofy mom
Girl, what happened to your neck?!

Last November we brought home two Partridge Cochin pullets in our group of dual purpose girls because they are a heavy breed (think nice big breasts for incubating), and have a tendency to be both friendly and broody. Being a few months older than everyone else, and already laying, I thought they would be a sure thing for nesting once the days got longer and warmer.

The one Red Laced Blue Wyandotte we added to the group we brought back to our  coops that day was just a whim choice. The breed is not known to be particularly broody, but her fluffiness was too fun to pass up.

So of course, if you consider the Murphy’s Law of Chickens, the fluff queen was the first to be in the family way, as they say, and the Cochin sisters haven’t showed any interest in it at all.

Mother's Day Peeper
Keep going little buddy!

As unexpected as it was, she has been very committed. Grumpy, determined, mostly immobile, and neckless for the last twenty days. Thankless job.

But it looks like this little momma’s devotion is paying off. Her first chick is peeping out this afternoon – on the day we honor mothers.

There are a total of four eggs, and if all is well in those little shells, they will probably hatch out in the next 24-36 hours. We’ll keep you abreast (ha-ha) on how this little family affair develops.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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